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Authentic Replicas
From The Museum of Civilization

The Canadian Museum of Civilization has created a line of replicas that are from its own catalogued collection. What is unique about this line is that they are the only authentic molded replicas of true native works available. With every piece, royalties are made to the family and/or tribe of the artists. Each piece was originally made from the work of prominent artists of the Haida (Haisla) villages along the Queen Charlotte Islands. As always, Sa-Cinn mythology cards come with each piece.

The pieces are black to represent the slate stone called argillite. This stone comes from only a certain area of the Queen Charlotte Islands. As Europeans came with metal tools, the Haisla carved argillite for means of trade. Many collections of such marvelous works of art have graced museums. Until now, this collection had not been recreated and made available for the public to see and enjoy.

Want To Play A Game of Chess?

A chess set created for the enthusiast at heart. Each piece can be sold separately or sold collectively as a set. All pieces are the mythological and clan totems of the Haida nation.

Together again just like in Haida legend. Each piece has carved design work all around the figurine.

The Pawn - is represented by the Watchmen, adorning the poles of long houses. Watchmen represent the spiritual protectors of the Haida people.

The Knight - is the Mighty Orca whale, shown jumping out of the water for a breath of air.  (Note the face of Blow Hole Man who helps whale breathe)

The Bishop - is the infamous frog head of an important clan on the Queen Charlotte Islands. 

The Queen - is the infamous trickster, the Raven, whom to the Haida people created the large island of the Queen Charlotte Islands.  The Raven also gave light to the world.

The King - is the Eagle,  guardian of humans from above.  The Eagle is considered by most of our native people to be the purest of all creatures. 

Prices in Canadian dollars
Pawn - $14.97 each
Rook - $17.97 each
Knight - $17.97 each
Bishop - $19.97 each
King - $20.97 each
Queen - $20.97 each
Item # 90-307 Set (without chessboard)  $525.00

Note:  chessboard was designed for this set, pieces fit inside the chess