First Nation Tours

Generations ago, the people of the mountains built great canoes and moved about the coast experincing the abundance that nature brought to them in each place. As time went on, the people built great houses, feasted and created one of the most respected living civiliations that continues to this day.

This section is dedicated to Tours and Fishing conducted by the Nuuu Chah Nulth First Nations People of Vancouver Island.

For generations these dedicated people have lived and fished in their ancient tribal land. Today they invite you to a visit of the most scenic places on Vancouver Island.This area is rich with history of how the peoples and culture of the Nuu Chah Nulth have thrived with great respect and honor for the land.

We at Sa-Cinn encourage the people of the world to share and learn our culture while experiencing the land.


At Voyager Water Taxi we transport just about anything we can fit in our boats safely and efficiently! We are located in Kyuquot Sound, near the world famous Brooks Peninsula off the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our location, in the heart of some of the best sea kayaking waters in North America, means we shuttle a lot of excited kayakers (and their kayaks) to their embarkation point for what surely must be the trip of a lifetime. And we make sure we are there to greet them when it is time to return to dry land.

Voyager Water Taxi is the Kyuquot Sound transportation service for all your water taxi and shuttle needs. As well as our daily water taxi service from Artlish, Fair Harbour, Kyuquot Village and surrounding area we also offer shuttle service to Kyuquot Sound, Bunsbies, Brooks Peninsula and more.

We know Kyuquot Sound and the surrounding waters intimately. We can help you plan an eco tour that includes whale watching (Killer Whales and Gray Whales seasonally) and wildlife viewing. We have a wonderful, large colony of sea otters in the Sound as well as Bald Eagles, Black Bears, Sea Lions and countless sea birds and marine life.



For a completely natural wilderness camping experience we can help you pick out the most beautiful beach campsite on the shore of Kyuquot Sound or the Brooks Peninsula (home to a wonderfully unique eco system of plants). We’ll drop you and your gear off at your wilderness campsite and return to collect you at a pre-arranged time.

The First Nations people have lived here for hundreds of years and the area is rich in British Columbia First Nations culture. The Village of Kyuquot is a thriving First Nations community that welcomes visitors. Meet the native elders and see first hand the stunning hand made cedar bark and grass baskets and bottles and red cedar carvings that are unique to these indigenous people of Vancouver Island’s west coast.

Kyuquot Sound – a wilderness experience you’ll never forget. Count on Voyager Water Taxi for safe, reliable transportation and plain old good advice. We’ll never steer you wrong!

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