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Polar Fleece Vests

Featured here is Sa-Cinn's newest addition to its designer clothing line. These vests are made with a quality of polar fleece that is pill resistant (it does not pill as easily as other polar fleece materials). The designs are created by Na Na Quish, who designs for Sa-Cinn exclusively. Each vest has thousands of stitches to it and all of the designs encompass the traditional stories of the North West Coast Native Culture.

Embroidered Humming Bird Polar Fleece Vest 

The hummingbird has traditionally been the symbol of joy and good fortune upon its arrival. Here is an embroidered hummingbird pocket crest in red and black .


Embroidered Moon Polar Fleece Vest 

It has been told, over time, that the moon has great meaning to all things in nature. For our Native people it tells us when we do the most spiritual of things and when not to. Brother to the sun this moon design is stitched in copper a color held for important and special things.





Eagle's Hunt

This design Na Na Quish captures the eagle in flight as it is just about to catch it prey, while still wonderfully keeping with traditional Northwest Coast design.


Embroidered Fleece Vests Available in:

Children Sizes
S - M - L - XL
$39.97 ea CDN

Adult Sizes
S - M - L - XL
$84.97.00 ea CDN
XXL110.00 ea CDN

(Shoulder - Mid-torso - Length)

  18" x 22" x 24.5" (45.5cm x 56cm x 68.5cm)
Medium:  18" x 23" x 27" (45.5cm x 58.5cm x 68.5cm)
Large:  19.5" x 24" x 27" (49.5cm x 61cm x 68.5cm)
XL: 21" x 26" x 28" (51cm x 66cm x 71cm)
XXL:  22" x 27" x 31" (56cm x 68.5cm x 79cm)

(Children's measurements not available as at May 24, 2001)