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Darlene Gait

Darlene Gait is an accomplished artist with a strong influence from the Coast Salish -First Nation culture into which she was born. Already an accomplished graphic designer, Darlene brings representational impressionism to the interpretation of traditional icon based First Nations work.

Darlene is proud of her heritage and grateful for the support of the native band who has backed her talent since she was a child. Darlene lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with her husband and children.


6"x 9" Artcards $6.00 Cdn each
Minimum Order of 3 cards


Little Big Dreams

I Heard A Spirit

Flowers For Mom

The Return Of The Music

The Salish Weaver

The Dancer

Amongst the Red

The Power of Mother


When Ravens Dream


Baby Boy


Let It Snow

Little Bird

Little Hummingbirds

Standing Still

Stanley Park

The Potlatch

The Unveiling

The Welcoming

The Bride To Be

The Child Within

The Eagles Of Goldstream

Where Dragonflies Dance

The Wishing Fountain

Autumn In Victoria

Ghost Dancers

Where Eagles Talk

Dancing With Spirit

To Love

Sipapu Sacred Place