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Ed Peekeekoot

Ed Peekeekoot is from the Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. From the time he was a child, Ed has been carving art. For the last few years he has mostly concentrated on carving prairie First Nations themes in Cottonwood bark - a medium which offers the challenge of a limited amount of space and a strong contrast between the natural and carved elements. To find the thick bark he needs, Ed journeys into northern B.C. and searches for large Cottonwoods which have fallen along the rivers and lakes.

Ed also sculpts in clay and stone and is an accomplished painter. He has recently been commissioned to do pencil sketch illustrations for a Cree history book.

Ed is basically self-taught but studied the techniques of the Old Masters with Hungarian artist Sandor Meszaros. He has also studied with wildlife artist Ron Parker. Ed's work has gone to all parts of North America and many different countries - including Germany, Australia, Japan, Israel, England, South Africa, and Taiwan.

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Rough & Tough (LARGE)

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Height 35 cm x Length 11.5cm x Width 6 cm


Each piece of artwork is a unique design.These works portrayed are examples of Eds work. Out of respect to owners of previous works, Ed cannot copy exact pieces shown. However, he is willing to use fuigurines from any pole to customize each customers pole carved. Eds spcializes in the carving of animals, and native peoples of north america to honor the culture and spirituality of the warriors, medicine men and medicine women of long ago.