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Authentic West Coast Native Art Mouse Pad 

The Design on this high quality mouse pad is an original Hand-Drawn image 

It is proudly designed and distributed by an Aboriginal Company 

1 Circle of Life West Coast native teachings describe the importance and central role which humans play within the circle of life. Indeed, West Coast native people are taught from any early age about the responsibility of stewardship and care taking which has been assigned by the creator. It is this role which permits us to respectfully and sustainably utilize the bounty found within our territories.
2 Orca The Orca or Sea-wolf is considered to be the highest form of being residing in the ocean Legends, stories and songs describe beaches where the land-wolf would come and jump into the water. On the fourth jump the wolf would transform into the Orca and swim away to feast on the bounty of the sea. Upon its return the Sea-wolf would leap ashore and on the fourth leap transform back in to the land-wolf and make its way back in to the forest.
3 Wolfman The Wolf is considered to be the highest form of being within West Coast native culture. Legends, stories and songs describe how native people evolved from wolves. In fact, they are believed to be our teachers and are regarded as our path finders. They help us weave our way through life.