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Jimmy Joseph

Jimmy Joseph is a Kwakuitl artist . Jimmy has been carving for many years now and enjoys carving the animals revered in his culture by his people. These large plaques have colors that were used traditionally by Northern tribes. These designs are similar in style and form to designs painted onto the Long Houses that lined Alert Bay.


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Eagle and Whale
$ 325.00 cdn.
Height 93 x Length 17.5 cm



350.00 Canadian


I have been e-mailed by many people reacting to JIMMY JOSEPH'S alleged crime of the eagle carnage. My comments as the owner of Sa-Cinn Native Enterprises Ltd. is not meant to defend any of the young peoples alleged actions, but to bring to light in perhaps a small way as to "why " this may have happened with a quote from my Uncle's book

(Stand Tall My Son )


"To my people if you show violence to a child, you will rear a violent, merciless man."

"Show love, compassion and patience and a good man will manifest itself when he grows up to be an adult."

In todays society materialism is so prevalent, today our young people fill the enormous void with bigger and better things and find ways of making more and more money and all sense of respect for all living things is lost for the sake of the almighty dollar that will purchase bigger prestigious things.

"It may be argued that your way of civilized society manifests weaknesses beyond common sense and comprehension."

                                            - Clutesi

Jimmy was taught by his grandfather, about his culture and what he owns in the Native traditional songs, dances, and cultural masks that belong to his family, clearly urbanization has won right now. I hope he comes back to who he was truly raised to be. My hope is these alleged crimes to our precious bald eagles is not true. Our young people need to come back to who they are and reclaim their identities.