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Len Sylvester

Coast Salish Carver


Len was born on July 4th 1948 . Carving since he was 17 Len was influenced by Norman John, a well know west coast carver, Simon Charlie, a famous coast Salish carver, and Chief Dan George. While living In Vancouver Len remembers visiting Dan George at the Burrard reserve at seventeen years old without any prior knowledge of carving Dan George sent Len away with a knife and a seasoned piece of wood. Len returned with a carved Halibut and a friendship that ensued to Dan George's death. Today, Len commits his time to his art and the teaching of it to his people . His preferred wood to use is yellow cedar but has been known to use red cedar upon special requests. His specialties include disks (as shown in photos) and carving cedar boxes. Currently, Len has his work in England, Australia, Germany, New Zealand , and the continental United States. Len focuses on carving the indigenous animals of the Northwest coast in the style that he has developed from many influential people as well as his personal creative perspective.

$75.00 CDN
Height 13 x Length 29 cm
$75.00 CDN 
Height 32 x Length 13.5 cm


6 X 12


$75.00 EA CDN
Height 49 x Length 5.5 cm
$75.00 CDN
 $86.00 CDN
 $86.00 CDN
 $75.00 CDN
EAGLE (sm)
 $75.00 CDN
EAGLE (lg)
$75.00 CDN
EAGLE (lg)
 $80.00 CDN
 $80.00 CDN


( 8 X 16.5 IN.)

$510.00 CDN.


20 inch X 30 inch

$510.00 cdn

Jumping Whale with Salmon

20 Inches long By 10 -11 inches wide

$510.00 cdn.


22 inch round

2 inch centre tappered to 1 inch

$610.00 cdn.

Moon Disk Red and Black

Humming Bird Disk with Abalone inlay

Frog Disk Green Red Black with Abalone Inlay

Frog Design Disk Black and Red

Killer Whale Disk Red And Black

Raven With Light Disk Red and Black

"Our Len Sylvester “Raven” (red with black)  disk arrived this week & we love it!  The colors are brilliant, we will find just the right spot in our home to award it's beauty justice and significance. The packing, shipping and handling were perfect for a safe arrival. We will share our satisfaction with many of our friends and family. Please pass on all our appreciation & compliments to all associated with Sa-Cinn Native Enterprises.  What a positive experience!"


Calgary, AB.

Bear Disc Black and Red

Sun Design Disk

Bear Disc With Abalone Eyes and Claw

4 Foot Bear Disk

$5200.00 cdn.

It arrive perfectly intact.
It is beautiful, powerful.
It will take a couple of days to mount it.
I need to make sure that the wall is properly reinforced to hold it.
I am so grateful to you for both this and the Raven.
I now have a Bear in my house.


Carved Disk Prices

1 Foot Diameter 1" thick $210.00 PLAIN

1 foot Diameter 1" thick $230.00 Painted

2 Ft Diameter 2.5 " thick $2400.00 Plain

2 Ft Diameter 2.5 " thick $ 2700.00 Painted

3 Ft Diameter 1"7/8 inches thick $3600.00 PLAIN

4 FT Diameter 1"7/8 inches thick $4800.00 PLAIN

*Any disk with the abalone inlay

Approximetely (54) pieces ranging

from 2.5 to 3inch inches Eyes and Paws

To half inch to 7/8 ths for Brows and cheeks add an additional $400.00 *