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The Worldwide Art Gallery
All things art site. Art History, Art Directory, Kids' Art Gallery and education resource, free art quiz (win prizes) plus contemporary international and Australian Art.

"Globally recognised contemporary painter"


Jeffrey Kroll
Jeffrey Kroll's work has been exhibited in many countries,including Paris - The Louvre, London, New York,
Chicago, Los Angeles, Turin, and, Mexico City.His work is included in many important privateand corporate collections worldwide





Stuart Brooks Master Craftsman

~ Furniture Woodwork Cabinetry ~



Telephone 250-246-2135


In our spiritual native designing of our cultural heritage

The old ones always said

"You have to marry the wood and see it finished before you carve into it.."

I witnessed that in Stu when he refurbished a cabinet for me that held dear and special meaning . I will enjoy the piece for many more years to come with gratitude..

In Spirit, Muu,Hap ( Winona , Sa-Cinn)



sa-cinn.com is on one of the students' (Ryan B.) lists and his suggestion for you can be seen below:

"Free Tips, Tricks, and Advice: Woodworking "

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand. - Latin Proverb