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Bolo Ties

These bolo tie are hand carved form sterling silver and are mounted with proper bolo tie clips for easy adjustment. Each end of the bolo tie is also finished with a silver tone end piece as seen in the pictures below.  Bolo ties come with black rope.

2" Sterling Silver Bolo Tie $175.00

Bear Bolo 

Eagle Bolo Tie 

Raven Bolo Tie 

Salmon Bolo

Whale Bolo Tie

Wolf Bolo Tie


With simulated silver tone tipped leather tie.

Larger available on request , priced by artist


"Many thanks for the custom 2 inch order bolo tie, to both Sa-Cinn and to the artist Gilbert Pat. The silver Orca is beautifully executed. Thanks also for your extra effort to locate a black rope tie as per my preference, and for completing everything in a short time. I will certainly recommend Sa-Cinn to anyone interested in acquiring high quality, First Nations artwork and gifts.

Mark Bailey Ottawa, Ontario"