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Gilbert Pat makes an fine assortment of bracelets. Each bracelet can feature one or two animals of your choosing. An interesting feature of Gilbert's bracelets is the quality of finishing he does. For instance, he rounds the edges of each bracelet. The  pictures shown here are purposeful of showing the range of sizes and some of the design possibilities that there is to choose from.
He also does his carving and designing in gold, Sterling silver, and copper .

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14 k GOLD 1/4 Inch Locking

$ 2,500.00


Bringer of light to the world and is also known by the First nations people's to be the bringer of universal law to the nations with much of his family originated ways . The sun for contimued warmth and the much needed shining for our sustainable need's.

Eagle, Raven and Moon 

This is a good example of a 1/2" width bracelet. Notice that there are the basic elements of a face on the moon on the bracelet including chin, mouth , eyes ,and eyebrows.



The bringer of good luck,  joy and abundance is shown here in two forms. On the left and right is the 1/4" locking style which has two hummingbirds competing for a flower. The Bracelet on the bottom right shows the 3/4" open bracelet with one hummingbirds feeding on a flower.

The diamond in the eye of the hummingbird on left is an extra feature that can be added separately.

1/4 inch locking

Eagle and Whale (Orca)

It is believed by our native people that the Eagle watches out for humans from the sky and the Orca does the same when humans are out on the ocean. Our people knew that the animals, in their own way, will tell of their surroundings if one just watches them closely enough. These are two pictures at two different angles of a  5/16" bracelet

Double Eagle 

Here is the majestic eagle in-flight. What is noticeable is how the eagle has his mouth open singing a powerful screech to all that would hear.


Eagle and Moon locking bracelet

Moon Bracelet with Two Eagles

This is a 1 1/4" Locking Bracelet

$ 650.00

gold, silver, and copper

   1 1/2 inch Eagle and Moon sterling bracelet.The Moon is the teller of seasons and the Eagle is the guardian of humans from above.

Raven Moon Raven

Copper 3/4" Domed Open


Double Whale

Copper 1-1/2" Domed Open


Here is the Thunderbird who is the hunter and the Whale who is the hunted  Here is Whale joyously jumping not knowing he is being watched by the Thunderbird

Jumping Whale with Thunderbird

This piece reflects the hunted Whale oblivious to the ever powerful hunter, the Thunderbird.  Shown here is a typical 2 1/2" inch tapered bracelet. Tapering the bracelet is typically done for large bracelets like this one. This is to provide a more comfortable fit on the wrist. Note the quality of the cross hatching that brings out the design.

gold, silver, and copper


Eagle Moon and Salmon Bracelet
shown here is a 1" locking bracelet 

gold, silver, and copper

Swimming Whale ,  Eagle with the Sun 

Featured in the center of this bracelet is the Sun. Typically the design of Sun and Moon is similar as they are considered the brothers of light. However, one striking difference can be seen in the rays streaming out of the Sun as opposed to the closed circle of the moon indicating that its light is not as bright.
Shown here is a 1" Locking Bracelet.

gold, silver, and copper

Raven and Moon

This design depicts the mischievous Raven once again going after his most sought after prize, the moon. Notice how this Moon design has the closed ring around the design.  This is also indicative of a full moon.
Featured here are the 3/4" versions of this design.

Raven and Sun Bracelet

This is the 1" version of the raven and the moon 

gold, silver, and copper


The chief of all the supernatural guardians. Thunderbird is primarily denoted by the circular tuft in the back of the head. Traditionally this tuft was believed to be the source of his supernatural power. The supernatural aspects of Thunderbird's power dealt primarily with the ability to manipulate the weather patterns, such as the making of storms which is something that T-bird did quite often. It was believed that Thunderbird was so large that the only creature on earth that could stem his appetite was the whale.
Shown here are the  5/16ths Locking Bracelet.



Raven and Sun Bracelet

This is the 1" version of the raven and the Sun

gold, silver, and copper

Shown on the left is a 1/4" Locking Bracelet

gold, silver, and copper


Two Dolphins facing each other
1/4" bracelet shown 

Two Orcas facing each other

A common design among our native people is to have the two profiles of an animal in one design, an indicator of this is if there is no gap between the two designs. If there is a gap it usually means that two of the same creature facing each other on a 1/4" bracelet is being shown.


I want to thank you and Mr. Pat for the custom bracelet I ordered.  The artwork and quality are outstanding.  The size is perfect.  I can't thank you enough for making this for me.  I was very impressed to say the least about the quality of both the product and service.  I will be ordering from you again in the future. Thanks so much!  If you are ever in Sitka, please call me and I will give you a personal tour.

Sarah J. Watkins
Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant II

Bracelet Prices Ladies ( State if for a man) additional cost of 25.00

1/4" Locking Bracelet $ 140.00 Cdn.

5/16" Locking Bracelet $ 187.50Cdn.

3/8" Locking Bracelet $ 197.50.00 Cdn.

1/2" Locking Bracelet $ 335.50 Cdn.

1/2 " 18 gauge Open Bracelet 7.5 inches $ 375.00 Cdn.

3/4" Locking Bracelet $ 450.00 Cdn

3/4 " Open Bracelet $ 425.00 cdn

1 1/4 " Locking Bracelet $ 650.00 Cdn

1" Open Bracelet Tapered heavier gauge $ 495.50 Cdn.

1 1/2 inch Tapered Bracelet $ 825.00 Cdn.



14 K Gold

TODAY'S Price August 09, 2013

1/4 inch locking bracelet (ladies) $2177.00