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Sarah Ann Robertson Daniels- Kwakiutl Wood Carver

My name is Sarah Robertson Daniels, and I am 26 years old. I was born in Nanaimo, B.C. I have been carving for twelve years, but before that I used to work for my dad Alfred Robertson. I did the finishing on his carvings for him including sanding, staining and polishing and shining all of his carvings for him. As I got older, I began to carve myself, first a little at a time doing little things and then moved to bigger plaques as my carving got better as my father told me to do. So I began to do a variety of things such as plaques, totem poles, bowls, masks, talking sticks, and steamed bent wood boxes. I was taught mostly by my father Alfred Robertson who had been taught by his father William Robertson, my grandfather. I never thought that I would ever be a carver as a career, but the work that I did for my dad rubbed off on me, now I am a carver just as generations past before I was, and the rest of my family who has decided to do this craft. So far though, I am the only one of my dad's children to become a carver feel that it is very rewarding to express my culture through my carving and will continue to do it for a long while to come. 


Danny Daniels & Sarah Robertson Daniels

A little known fact of Sarah's carving style is that it is all inner line work and therefore considered one color. In traditional Kwakiutl design this means that each line cannot intersect and close off another line. This means that one could put their finger on an "uncarved" part of the design  and trace a route throughout the entire design with out lifting off the finger or crossing over a line. There are only two parts where this is not true, on the eye and the joints of the animal. This also means that Sarah must take extra care not to carve a line too far off the piece of wood. This is not like painted versions at all as they require that the carved lines that encompass every color must be completely enclosed .




3 FOOT 2 FIGURE $ 710.00

4 FOOT 2 FIGURE $ 910.00

5 FOOT 3 FIGURE $1160.00


Bentwood Boxes 

These boxes are offered by Sarah can be painted or unpainted. Each side of the box come from one plank of cedar that has been steam bent like traditional boxes of long ago. Sarah has been making affordable quality boxes for a few years and are a real joy for her to create.

Design you own Bentwood Box......

Sarah Takes custom orders and can put any animal on the sides of boxes .Choose any of the patterns from below or from the wall carvings

Each side can be carved with an animal of your choosing ......no extra charge 

Depending on the wood and or the stain ,the final item may not be as exact as pictue shown. Each piece is done custom at the time of order. Individuals need to be specific at the time of order.



Jewel box

not bent

Pine with cedar inlay

8 X 8 X 11 3/4


In stock




Hiinilthl - The box arrived today.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I am sure that my friend will enjoy it.  Thanks also for the decals!.  I appreciate the effort and care taken to create and to bring this box here.  Please tell the artist how much this treasure will be cherished as a symbol of the artwork and legends of your people. I also very much appreciated your time in conversation. very best regards -

Patti Reynolds