The Story of Sa-Cinn

The name Sa-Cinn means “hummingbird” in the West Coast Native language. The history of Sa-Cinn is based on a song which originally belonged to the mother of Dr. George Clutesi (Winona’s great-uncle). Winona’s mother, Pearl Brown, put the song to a dance and performed the “Hummingbird Dance” in 1952, to honour her Uncle George. Princess Elizabeth of York and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, witnessed the dance at Thunderbird Park, adjacent to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Pearl’s uncle instructed her on how to move by encouraging her to watch the hummingbird’s movements. The dance consists of darting about and hovering in one spot for short moments only. The dance is very difficult to do and only a few have mastered it today. Pearl Brown’s performances were limited, as she died a few years later in 1955. Her performances are still talked about and remembered with great pride by the West Coast people.

Sa-Cinn, while sung, is calling the hummingbird — if they come it is a good omen.

We, at Sa-Cinn Native Enterprises, have been committed to giving our customers personalized service since 1986; and we continue this tradition today.  My mandate has always been to bring fair and just prices to my peoples whilst keeping the authenticity of the ancient art form.




Now in my 38th year of individualistic business as head of Sa-Cinn Native Enterprises Ltd.


“Now is the chance for our people to work together”

-Dr. George Clutesi 1986, Author, Actor, Artist, Lecturer