Beaver lived near three women who lived underground. These were Bush-Tailed Rat, Common Mouse, and Frog. Beaver decided to ask Frog if he could take her daughter’s hand in marriage but is terribly rejected by Frog.  She not only says “no” but calls him rude names like “Short-Belly”, “Flat-Tail”, “Wide-Rump”, etc. Beaver is terribly hurt but also terribly angry! and plots to get even with Frog. He carefully sends Bush-Tailed Rat and Common Mouse and their families to the mountains. When he is sure they are safe, he goes outside and begins to sing and dance. Beating his tail upon an old tree, he raises his snout skyward baring his razor teeth as he moans out his song in chant. The rains begin to fall. The creeks and rivers begin to rise and soon Frog and her family arew washed out of their lodge into the stream. Some leap to find safety, others sit upon the driftwood staring at Beaver in awe. As Frog drifts past Beaver, she calls to him for help. She even asks him to get her a canoe. Beaver responds rudely and refuses to help her. As a result, the whole country was flooded and Frog and her relatives were scattered all over the earth and to this day, frogs can be found wherever there are lakes and rivers whether in high mountains or valleys. Beaver got his revenge.

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