Cowichan Sweaters

No two sweaters are alike. The fleeces come in natural colors and shades of brown, black and white. As the black sheep matures, the wool changes from brown to gray with aging, like human hair. All of the dark shades in ‘Genuine Cowichan’ sweaters come from this unique black sheep and are not dyed. For over one hundred years Salish women have been knitting clothes and blankets for their families. The wool is carefully carded to prevent damage to the fibers and is still hand spun. The sweaters are hand-knitted with this pure, un-dyed, virgin wool. The natural oils are left in the wool of the authentic Cowichan Sweater to retain the water-resistant qualities of wool. The Cowichan Sweater is a lifetime purchase. If it is properly cared for, it will last for years and years. Some people have passed their Cowichan Sweater on to their children for many more years of warm and comfortable use. For attractive outdoor wear that is always in fashion the Cowichan Sweater is perfect. This is a gift that has been presented to royalty and heads of state. The following lines of beautiful, hand-knit sweaters come in a variety of geometric patterns, animals, birds, fish or whale images. Each sweater represents hours of hard work and painstaking labour.

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