River Ripples Cotton Tapestry

To the Musqueam, the “Keepers of the River,” the Fraser river was a highway. Long before the first
ships appeared on the horizon, the Musqueam used their River as a means of transportation.
They paddled their canoes from village to village and across the waters to Vancouver Island. As the
canoes glided over the top of the River, their paddles dug deep, and as they lifted them out of the water,
they left behind ripples that turned into waves. The women then wove the beautiful patterns created
by these ripples in the water on the blankets that clothed them. The image of “River Ripples” recreates
these designs, connecting once more to the waters that are so much a part of Musqueam heritage.

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48″ x 67″ (122cm x 170cm) 100% Cotton Tapestry $150.00

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