Thunderbird & Whale Decal

by Na Na Quish.

This is the Thunderbird and Whale design that shows the “hunter and the hunted.” The Thunderbird is said to be so large that the whale is its only food to sustain him. In the center of this design is a human with its eyes closed as humans were not allowed to see a supernatural creature such as the Thunderbird.

This decal is available in a one color – black – design, or a choice of two color designs – silver with black outline or blue with black outline.

5″ x 5″ (12.5cm x 12.5cm) Square One Colour . . . $4.00

(Minimum 2 per Order)


5″ x 5″ (12.5cm x 12.5cm) Square Two Colour . . . $5.00

(Minimum 2 per Order)

All prices in CAD