Wolf & Moon Drum

This 15-inch drum depicts the totemic animals and their relationship to our Native peoples. Crouching under a storm moon is the wolf. Many tribes view the wolf with great reverence and respect it as a spiritual guide. Many tribes had clans that honoured their kinship relationship with the wolf through songs and dances.

In the body of the wolf are the raven head and eagle head. The eagle is considered the protector of the Native people in the sky. Whereby, eagle would show a person of oncoming danger if he (eagle) found the traveler worthy. Raven has an unique relationship to humans in that his actions, as told in many stories and legends, tell us how greed and self motivation leads to unwanted results. In some cultures Raven is the creator of Native peoples. In every Native culture, Raven is respected and revered as a prominent member of the animal kingdom.


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