Kòlus Spirit (Transformation, 1996)

A villager, while walking along the beach, was said to come across a very large bird covered in dazzling, white, soft down. He cried out to the Bird , “I, Tlugwala, am seeking special powers and privileges from a spirit.” The bird then threw back the feathers and skin from his head, revealing the head of man and said “I am Kòlus, yet I am a man.” His face was streaming with heat because of his thick covering of feathers, and soon his entire coat fell away and there stood the full figure of a man. Kòlus accompanied the villager back to his home and told him to give a winter dance, and he would receive four dances from him in return.

30 1/2″ x 29 1/2 ” Matted Limited Edition  (#32/150) $1200 (Only 1 in Stock)


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