KaKaw’in (Orca)


Generations ago, it was believed by our Nuu-Chah-Nulth people that the Orca, or KaKaw’in, was the protector of humankind in the ocean. This special relationship is the basis for the Westcoast whaler in the fin of the whale. For our native people the whaler in the fin signifies the spiritual connection between man and animal.

The two golden eagle heads inside the whale stem from a Tseshaht legend. The golden eagles were the first two eagles ever created. Our native people believe that only a spiritually balanced person can see them. These golden eagles live exclusively in the spirit world and protect man spiritually by overseeing him from above.

Being a hereditary descendant of the whale house was by primary inspiration for producing this design. These beliefs and teachings have been with me all my growing years, and continue to be a source of strength for myself today.

Kleco (thank you) to all my elders, for all your knowledge, love and direction in the design process.

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