Raven’s Moon


NaNaQuish was told this story by his Grandpa as a young boy.

Long ago, it was believed that the world was in complete darkness and the only source of light was encased within a box and guarded by a chief. The Raven heard about this light and wanted to steal it, so he went to the chief’s longhouse where he waited for the chief’s daughter to go fetch some water from a local stream. Raven then changed himself into a pine needle and fell into the bucket. When the woman took a drink of the water, she swallowed the pine needle. Raven then transformed into a human child. The chief loved his new grandson and spoiled him with gifts. But the child was only interested in what was in the boxes. Every day, a box was opened and he was shown what was inside, but the chief refused to open the last box. The child cried for days until the chief showed him the ball of light, which he grabbed and then transformed back into Raven. Raven escaped through the smokehole of the chief’s longhouse. As he was flying away, an eagle started to chase him. Raven saw the eagle pursuing and started flying higher and faster, but with all this stress, Raven bit down too hard and broke the ball of light in half. The severed half fell low int he sky and the pieces scattered all across the sky. Finally, when Raven was really high, he truned to see if the eagle was still chasing him and dropped the last half. Hence, the Sun, Moon and Stars are all brothers of light.

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