Thunder Mountian

Some time ago, when a young boy reached the age to be revered as a man, he was given a quest. There is a special and magical place within the Port Alberni mountain ranges, called Thunder Mountain. This is the home of the supernatural, all powerful, Thunderbird. It was a young man’s mission to go find the cave which the Thunderbird called his home. He would know this cave by very specific “tell-tale” signs within the cave. First, the cave would be very large with a very wide opening. Second, inside the cave there would be a coiled woven cedar rope that has turned to stone. And at last, behind that petrified coiled rope would be many bones of different species of whales. This would be the closest a mortal human could get to a Thunderbird. It was a timeless rule that no human could see a Thunderbird in its true form. Although, the Thunderbird did transform into human form at times to help mankind. This was the only way a young warrior could partially experience the life of a supernatural. To this day, no man has found such a cave and no man goes to look for it anymore. Yet, for our people, so long as the mountain range is in existence so will be the legend of Thunder Mountain.

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