Pauline Bull

Cultural Background: Interior Salish, Lillooet Nation, Seton Lake BC

Pauline Michele Bull is married to Eric Parnell Jr who is a Haida native, band member of Masset, BC, Haida Gwaii nation, when they married Pauline was adopted into the “Raven” clan.  Pauline’s father Sandy is Interior Salish native, and is a band member of Seton Lake, BC, also known as “Lh7us”, which means, “Coming to Head of the Lake” in St’át’emc native language.  Seton Lake, BC, is part of St’át’imc nation also known as “Lillooet” nation, her father’s clan is, “Crane”.  Pauline’s mother Lorna is native from Nickeyeah, which is located across the river from Lytton, BC, the meaning of “Lytton” is “Kumsheen”, which is part of Nlaka’pamux nation, which means, “People of the River”.

Pauline was born on September 21, 1964, and has lived in Vancouver, BC, all of her life.  Pauline was introduced to the art by her aunt Marylou who taught her to bead in the mid 80′s. Pauline’s painting career started in 2009 with encouragement by Eric Parnell, Haida Gwaii artist, and has been collaborating with Eric since then. Pauline’s own style is a combination of realistic and traditional.  Pauline has been designing and painting her own art work since 2010.  Pauline considers the art to be very spiritual and healing. One of her goals as an emerging artist is to be a small part of reviving our native culture.

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