Orca Ring


This design shows the whale (Orca) swimming in the ocean. With all the rings, the carving design wraps all the way around the ring. In native mythology the Orca is considered the guardian of humans on the ocean. Those who have strong tie to the ocean or whale usually choose this design

Current Sizes in Stock:


1/4″ (6mm) Wide (Domed), Size 11, Sterling Silver Ring $88.00


3/8″ (10mm) Wide (Domed), Size 10-3/4, Sterling Silver Ring $145.00


3/8″ (10mm) Wide (Flat), Size 8-1/2, Sterling Silver Ring $145.00


1/4″ (6mm) Wide (Domed), Size 8-3/4, Sterling Silver Ring $88.00 (Whale, Sun, Eagle)


It May Take Approximately 10 Business Days To Carve New Rings In Out of Stock Sizes.

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