Shamans and Kushtakas: North Coast Tales of the Supernatural

Author(s): Mary Giraudo Beck

Synopsis: Shamans and Kushtakas!  Both struck terror in the hearts of Tlingit and Haida, for both possessed frightening supernatural powers. Among the Natives if the Pacific Northwest Coast, the shaman was honored as a person who could heal the body and spirit as well as see into the future. In his struggles to protect his people, he fought the kushtaka – an evil spirit-being wo was half human and half land otter – for the souls of the dying persons. Theirs was a battle between the forces of good and evil, and today it remains a cornerstone in Tlingit and Haida mythology.

In Shamans and Kushtakas,  Mary Giraudo Beck provides a powerful mix of history, legend, and adventure to dramatize the values and traditions of Tlingit and Haida societies. The heroic and wondrous incidents in these stories trancend time and culture and, as tales of myth and magic, provide compelling reading for young and old alike.

ISBN: 0-88740-405-7


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