Susan A. Point

Susan is a Coast Salish artist. She was born in 1952 and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Susan is one of a handful of contemporary Coast Salish artists engaged in reviving the ancient principles of Coast Salish design. In 1980 Susan began studying engraving, serigraphy and acrylics. As well as practicing traditional motifs, Susan also expresses her own personal style, keeping within the parameters of Coast Salish elements. To date, Susan has produced more than seventy limited edition prints including 23K gold embossings, woodblock prints, serigraphs, glass etchings and handmade paper castings. Susan is more popularly known today for her work as a serigrapher, silver and 18K gold engraver and fine painter (medium mainly being acrylics on canvas). Presently, Susan has become involved learning the process of handmade paper on which she hand pulls some of her limited edition prints. Also, Susan is studying three dimensional design concepts with respect to jewellery and small sculptures. In Susan’s work one can see a love for precision and a n extraordinary sense of color. Susan’s work can presently be found in private and corporate collections in over twenty countries around the world.