Author(s): Claudia Notzke

Synopsis: The most current and comprehensive book of its kind, Aboriginal Peoples and Natural Resources in Canada explores the opportunities and constraints that aboriginal people encounter in their efforts to use water resources, fisheries, forestry resources, wildlife, land and non-renewable resources, and to gain management power over these resources. This examination begins with a historical perspective, and takes into account cultural, political, legal and geographical factors. From the contemporary research of the author, the reader is informed of the most current developments and provided with a well-reasoned outlook for the future.

ISBN: 978-1-895712-03-2


Author(s): Vickie Jensen

Synopsis: Long before their history was written, the Nisga’a and other people of North America used totem poles to teach about the past. It was important for children to learn their cultural history, all the way back to mythical times. Vickie Jensen takes us behind the scenes into the carving shed as she describes the various steps that go into carving and raising a totem pole.

ISBN: 1-55054-232-X


Author(s): S.W.A Gunn, M.D


Author(s): George Clutesi

Synopsis: A collection of fables of the Tse-Shaht People.

ISBN: 0-9698677-0-1