By Gordon Clayton

Gordon Clayton is an artist from the Nisgha Valley. The animals portrayed are the eagle, bear, and raven. Each of these animals are primary figures of great importance to the Nisgha people celebrated in their art, song, and dance. The Talking Stick was traditionally a symbol of importance used by chiefs. Whom ever held their Talking Stick at gatherings was then granted the right to speak without interruption. This protocol is still practiced at Native gatherings today.

By Eddie Jules

Eddy Jules has been carving for many years and currently resides in Nanaimo. Eddy’s ancestry stems from the Kyuquot Nation. He was taught to carve by the late Norman John (also shown at this site). Eddy carves in a traditional style of keeping his adzing within the carving, this process was partially made famous by Norman John. Adzing is the art of chiseling the work with a hooked knife to create a form. Today, Eddy is continuing the style and art of his teacher, all of his work remains in an unpainted form as this is what Eddy prefers best.


11-3/4″ Carving $125.00


11-3/4″ x 3-1/4″  Carving $175.00


By Elmer Thompson

Carved Mask $250.00


By Elmer Thompson

Elmer has many many grand children. The story of the wild women is and was widely told by the elder’s to their children and grandchildren. Tradtionally, throughout the West Coast, each village has their own version of the supernatural human-like beings that live deep in the forests.

Carved Mask w/ Human Hair $375.00

Cowboy Plaque




Eclipse Jewelry Box



8″ x 8″  x 11-3/4″ Pine Box w/ Ceder Inlay $495.00

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Carved in 1986

Carved Mask $10000.00

Arthur Nicolaye was born on January 6, 1906 and passed away May 4, 1987. He carved 3 masks for Hee-Nilth at 81 years of age. It was considered a great honor by the elders of long ago, to be asked to carve. Kyuquot, B.C. is located on the north-west coast of Vancouver Island.

Kyuquot, B.C.

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Carved Mask $2200.00