50″ x 43″ (127cm x 109cm) Limited Edition Matted Framed Print (#43/150) $2100.00 (Only 1 in stock)

This is a Museum quality framed print with double Mat V groove and airbrushed wooden frame.

22″ x 22″ (56cm x 56cm) Limited Edition Double Matted Framed Print (#47/100) $700.00 (Only 1 in stock)


This Poster is a recreation of a famous acrylic creation of a Haida frog crest design. Notice the red mosquito design in the center of the frog design.

The reprinting of this design is so clear that you can see the ridges of the original art paper and brush strokes of the design.

17″ x 21″ (43cm x 53.5cm) Framed Poster $150.00 (Only 1 in stock)

30″ x 37″ (76cm x 94cm) Limited Edition Framed Print (#39/115) $1200.00 (Only 1 in stock)